EDIT: We guessed right. Pokémon GO is coming to Apple Watch.

As the initial peak adoption of Pokémon GO slowly declines, as is the case with every big pop culture phenomenon, The Pokémon Company is preparing to release the next evolution of the experience with a custom wearable called Pokémon Go Plus.

The plastic wearable bracelet, clearly not intended as a business casual accessory for the office, is a $35 USD Bluetooth enabled device that lights up and vibrates, allowing young players with an iPhone or Android device to play aspects of the game without looking at the screen.

But the market has shown that Pokémon GO isn’t just for kids. As many of us are tech nerds who own Apple Watches, and find the devices somewhat missing in the entertainment department, we wondered how Pokemon GO might come to life on the Apple Watch.

While the Apple Watch alone can’t support all of the features and functionality in the game, for example GPS and 3D rendering, when tethered to the iPhone, a lot of those issues disappear.

The only real limitations the Apple Watch version might have is in the absence of 3D rendering and Augmented Reality. All that means is that, on the tiny wrist-sized screen, the characters wouldn’t be as “animated” and the environment might look a little flat. For the most part, the device can do just about everything else when paired with the phone.

Here’s what some of those screens might look like.

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 Adam is a Creative Director and Marc Perez is a UX Architect at SMITH.

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