B2B Customer expectations in digital continue to increase each year. Forrester’s most recent research around B2B buying by Andy Hoar indicates that not only do most buyers prefer not to interact with a sales representative for research, that the preference for independent online research has grown from 53% to 68% from 2015 to 2017. Moreover, the demand for self-service tools for customers to make low and medium-complexity purchases, or repurchases, is continually increasing.

Simultaneously, the new, more consultative B2B sales rep gains a competitive edge when she is provided with the latest sales enablement tools that can help in every area from lead qualification to presentation development, to meeting coordination and time-to-close.

In this context, we recently worked with B2B eCommerce World in their development of a special report on selecting the right team of B2B partners.  Head over here to download it now.


SMITH’s Chief Strategy Officer James Kim discusses the questions that a B2B seller needs to ask in the process of finding their right match. As the major ecommerce platform suites move past the table stakes of a mobile-friendly online catalogue, and into areas like marketing automation and machine learning, so too are the system integrators and digital consultancies moving into the space.

It’s important as a B2B buyer is selecting their partner that they have a sense of where they stand on a range of topics. Is there a clear strategy for ecommerce and a digital future, with defined outcomes? Does the organization have the internal technology team in place to manage a platform once in place?

James explores these questions and more in the issue, which is available for download here.

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