Just back from a really fun interview with the nice folks at Ottawa Business Journal's Techopia series.  My colleague Ryan Valley and I met with Carlo Lombard to talk about what's new at SMITH, especially the work that we have been doing in emerging technologies.  

Carlo's passion for this kind of stuff is obvious, and he got especially excited when he saw we had brought one of the Hololens rigs from the lab. Turns out he had never tried one before, which surprised me -- doesn't he spend his days hanging out with geeks like us?  

Besides the cool new AR hardware that we brought with us, we talked about SMITH's history on the Ottawa scene, what the future might hold for retail and e-commerce, and how things like machine learning, location-based media and other emerging tech will change everything (again!). 

The Techopia team are super pro, and made us feel right at home in their space at the new Innovation Centre here in Ottawa.  We have promised to let them know the next time we've got something cool we can share with them.

Here's a link to the full article in OBJ:


And if you're going to be in the Toronto area December 2nd and you want to catch a peek at the future, you should came and check out FITC's Spotlight AR/VR event, taking place at OCAD:

Come and see the latest creators and thought leaders in these emerging media share their secrets.  And me!  I'll be talking about shared AR experiences and I promise it will be cool.

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