Who's creating an autonomous delivery robot? What's now part of the AmazonBasics line? This post is curated to help tune-out some of that noise and turn it into information that matters.

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Autonomous Delivery Robots Are Back?

There are many reasons why delivery robots haven't worked in most cities so far. They're considered a pedestrian hazard to some and at times, it's just creepy. But this new little robot is trying to change all of that. Named Serve, it can carry 50 lbs for 30 miles and do 12 deliveries a day. Postmates currently uses automobiles for its delivery, so why change to robots who might get in the way of traffic and pedestrians? They want to cut down on emissions and have given the robot a bunch of features to stop it from becoming the hazard people fear.

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Watch out MatTel, Amazon's On Your Heels

It's not surprising that Amazon has now gone into the toy business. They've created a private label for so many other products that not having their own toy line would seem silly at this point. Of course, while they're known for their technological wonders, they didn't really even give this a real launch. And what else? It's the simplest of toys for now. No technology, just simple fun. Makes sense they released it under the AmazonBasics line. 

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Retail Entertainment is Thriving in China 

Alibaba is thriving not because it's an ecommerce channel, but because they know how to market to their consumers. As the co-founder said, "Retail is entertainment" and they've constantly shown that to be true. It's about content and becoming much more interactive than just allowing the shopper to buy something. So yes, it makes sense that the market is thriving. Along with this, the competition has become fierce in China, making brands having to rethink their approach to the maturing market and finding new ways to entertain and bring in customers. 


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