How much did Americans spend this Thanksgiving? What's happening at IKEA? Let’s get down to what happened in commerce and tech news in the last week. This post is curated to help tune-out some of that noise and turn it into information that matters.




Record-Breaking Thanksgiving Online spend

Thanks to Adobe, they were able to track ecommerce sales yesterday and boy, did those numbers not disappoint. $3.7 billion dollars in the United States was spent this year with a third of that being on mobile. This is a high increase compared to last year for both ecommerce and mobile purchases. However, it should be noted that this isn't from all 100 top ecommerce retailers. Even still, that doesn't even include Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Guess we'll find out next week how much the spend was there, won't we?

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IKEA's cutting jobs now, but not forever

It might be scary to find out that IKEA is cutting 7,500 jobs in order to focus on ecommerce, but that isn't the whole story. They are trying to do a new redesign and make it simpler. With 160,000 employees in 30 countries, that can be a bit hard. This is also a global cut, not a single location. Even with this, they plan to open 30 new locations and improve their digital and logistics operations. And what else? Hire 11,500 new employees. 

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Why there's no buy button on Instagram 

In an interview Paige Cohen, PYMNTS was able to ask about more than just their lack of a buy button, but also what is so new and different about their new shopping features. As we've shown here before, Instagram has been constantly editing and adding more to make buying easier for customers and selling better for businesses. So why no buy button? Because they're focusing on being informational and want to the best frictionless buying process, which will take time.


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