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Amazon wants its checkout-free stores in airports

Sources close to Amazon are stating that the company is exploring bringing its Amazon GO model of grocery stores to airports. To date, seven of the stores have opened in Seattle, San Francisco, and Chicago. While nothing has been publicly inked, airports - where shoppers are time pressed to get to their connecting flights - are a perfect opportunity for speedier transactions.

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walmart acquires art.com

The latest acquisition after ELOQUII and Bare Necessities, Art.com was founded in 1998 with the goal of being the largest online retailer in art and decor. With sales of $300 million, the details of the transaction were not disclosed. Art.com uses print-on-demand to allow customers to get what they want when they want it, and also allows visualization of products as they will appear in consumers homes via their app. 

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Lyft Beats Uber to ipo filing 

While Uber's valuation is 5x that of rival Lyft, becoming a public company will give the smaller competitor more money to continue growth. The filing places timing for the IPO in Q1 of 2019, while Uber is expected to do the same mid-year. Financial benefits aside, the IPO will generate marketing buzz for Lyft, which is one key benefit of the filing. 


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