What is Tide changing for ecommerce? What is Kroger doing ? Let’s get down to what happened in commerce and tech news in the last week. This post is curated to help tune-out some of that noise and turn it into information that matters.

tide eco-box
The new Tide Eco-Box: liquid laundry detergent designed for eCommerce. (Photo: Business Wire)



A New Tide for Your Ecommerce Needs

Is it strange to think that manufacturers of customer products are trying to think of new and interesting ways of packaging their products that are also convenient? Honestly, not really. It's actually a frontier that many companies are trying to get ahead of in order to help their distribution for ecommerce while still being acceptable to shoppers. It just so happens that P&G is one of them, creating an Eco-Box for Tide. It arrives in a shipping-safe cardboard box with a sealed bag of Tide. This box can then be used to pour out the detergent. Good for shipping, great for eco-friendly consumers. Awesome, right?

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Voice Commerce Comes to Kroger

It's only a matter of time before more companies utilize voice commerce to its full potential. Kroger decided that this week, it was there turn. Currently, this is only used with the Google Assistant vocie app, but it can be used on iOS or Android phones. When they begin to talk, they can interact with the Grocery Pickup cart. This is just another way that Kroger, and its banner brands can stay competitive with other companies that have launched similar technology, like Whole Foods and Boxed. 

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Taking Giveaways to the Next Level with AR 

GOAT, an online sneaker marketplace, is known by their customers for their awesome Black Friday giveaways. With thousand of prizes, it's not surprising that it gets a lot of attention. So why is this year different? Well, they're putting AR into the mix. Basically, you can receive bonus tickets if you visit specific locations on the interactive GOAT map. Another way? Share AR graphics that are placed on the world around you. It's a great start to the use of AR and figuring out what it can do.


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