Which who partnered with Snapchat? What kind of tech is a clothing company using? Let’s get down to what happened in commerce and tech news in the last week. This post is curated to help tune-out some of that noise and turn it into information that matters.

The happiest place on earth is Snapchat's latest place for an AR ecommerce play. Snapchat



SnapChat Utilizing AR to Make Purchases While In Store

Does that sound a bit weird? It sounds a bit weird, but I can tell you that this story is pretty cool! Partnering with Levi, people at their store that's specifically located in Walt Disney World's Disney Springs can scan a Snapcode that will let them purchase a limited edition Mickey Mouse hat. Pretty cool, right? But before you do, you get to try the hat on through Snapchat's AR filters and then can press the 'shop now' button to bring you right to the store through a link only available through the app. Don't worry, once you've scanned the code, you can share it with friends who aren't at Disney (the article has it as well).

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Another reason for businesses to use Amazon?

They want to keep people happy, especially businesses. It's why they've decided to increase their prime offering to Amazon Business Prime customers. Expanding to better shipping items (though for a minimum cost), less shipments in larger packages, being able to figure out easily how much you're spending through Spend Visibility, and much more. They're rolling this out in the United States, but it wouldn't be surprising if they rolled it out in other countries if these benefits work out well. Amazon Business Prime is used by many types of businesses, ranging from a small company to enterprises. Why? Because employees are likely to buy from Amazon for products, so why not offer the company a way to have these people use the service and cater to their needs? It just makes sense, and so do these new features. 

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Getting Rid of Sizes is Cool, but the Tech RedThread Is Using is Cooler 

You can say that this is just another start-up company looking to try and change the fashion industry. That they're like all the other companies that are taking a social stance when it comes to women's bodies and showing how we come in all shapes and sizes. And sure, in a way, that's true, but have you checked out the type of technology they're using? This isn't just about getting rid of sizes and having them make your clothes custom fit. They're not just taking measurements, they're using tailoring alogrithms and a 3D mobile body scan to help pull in the measurements they need. Of course, they also ask you what type of fit you want in order to make sure that it fits how you want. Right now, the system is still learning, so they still have people going in to check and everything, but this is still so cool. Could it be the future? Or will they keep the technology for themselves?


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