Where is the newest Amazon Go store? Where is AR tech being integrated? Let’s get down to what happened in commerce and tech news in the last week. This post is curated to help tune-out some of that noise and turn it into information that matters.




Ar tech being used by shopiFY

It isn’t surprising that companies are looking for ways to bring in this new technology into a customer’s every day life. So what makes this newsworthy? It’s utilizing the new AR capabilities in the iPhone’s newest iOS update. This capability allows for items to be displayed easily as if they’re in the room. Of course this technology works perfectly with commerce and makes it accessible to the many.

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Amazon Go Now in Chicago?

It feels like only two weeks ago when we talked about the third Amazon Go store being opened in Seattle... Okay, well... maybe it was two weeks ago, but we also did say that they planned to have a bunch of stores open up before the end of this year as well. This is the first that's outside of where their headquarters is located. So why Chicago? Are you going to try it out (or try to get others to go in my case)?

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#Instashop #Shopagram #Update 

It doesn’t matter how you talk about Instagram shopping, as long as you know about it. The use of this social media to get the product in front of eyes and get people to click buy right there has become popular, but it’s also gotten some updates. Now, they’ve expanded to shoppable stories and a shopping channel in the explore section. Do you even need any other paid advertising at this point? The answer is yes. Don’t go getting any ideas.


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Instacart grows their partnership with aldi

Instacart has been doing well this year. Not only do they have a partnership with Walmart and are doing deliveries for Kroger, but after positive pilot programs done by the company, they are now expanding their partnership with Aldi. This initiative will be across 35 states. Are there any large grocery stores left that don’t have some kind of ecommerce or delivery service?


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