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Lululemon's main targets? men and online sales. 

The five year plans comes after getting a new CEO recently. Their plan is interesting because of how Lululemon is perceived to customers. Many people consider them a store for women and many only know of them by their yoga clothes. But that's not all they're doing. They want to grow their sales not only in ecommerce, but also in men's clothing. This includes their newly released venture of making footwear, going into the skin-care industry, and opening more shops in four different formats. With 26% of revenue coming from ecommerce sales, their goals are ambitious, but if done right, it could be done.

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amazon is pushing for free one-day shipping

They have been trying for a long time to get Prime to be able to offer more two-day shipping on products internationally, but their latest goal and want is even more ambitious. While one-day shipping is offered in many places, having free one-day shipping is a whole other story. They want to bring this to more places, if not everywhere, in the United States to start off with. With all of the issues already surrounding their workplace morale when they have to meet tight deadlines, this may end up biting off more than they can chew. But this is something they've already started, so it's really more a matter of time of when they'll reach their goal.

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kohl's will be your new place to return amazon items

No longer will you have to go to the post office or some obscure place to drop off your returns for that Amazon purchase you made that wasn't right or was defective. Kohl's has announced that you can now return any item from Amazon at their stores. This comes after the announcement that they were going to be carrying Amazon products last month. Another way to bring you into Kohl's? Definitely. Super convenient? If you're in the United States, totally.


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Make Complex Buying Simple

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CPQ: Simplifying The Complex

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