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Walmart and google partner to let you grocery shop using your voice 

The head-to-head competition is going strong in the grocery industry with the two giants, Walmart and Amazon. While the latter is slashing their Whole Food prices, Walmart has decided to utilize voice commerce for groceries. They've partnered with Google to introduce Walmart Voice Order, a capability that will allow people to use any platform that has Google Assistant. The thing is, this isn't even technically a new venture for Walmart.

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Microsoft might be looking to get into the ecommerce game

There's a lot of talk going around about new players, but the latest has been about Microsoft wanting to compete against Shopify. There were two ways it could go though, competing with or buying it. They're not new to ecommerce, and they even have their own app store and their own gaming ecosystem, which includes ecommerce. But this is different, this would be about SaaS. Their customers want it, so why would they not give it to them? Only time will tell what Microsoft ends up doing, but it's something to keep an eye on.

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Skipping Amazon, and going straight to JD.com and Alibaba?

Many luxury brands aren't on Amazon. Why? Some don't think that Amazon is a good fit for them, that it doesn't represent luxury. That doesn't seem to be the case when it comes to some Chinese ecommerce sites. Could it be because it's the easiest way to sell to the largest ecommerce market? Either way, if you're looking for a taste of something fancy, you can find Valentino, Burberry, and more on Alibaba's Tmall site.


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Welcome to the Imagination Age

While brands struggle with digital transformation, and consultancies focus on data-driven experience design, much of the conversation around the power of human imagination, and its role in creating the change we seek, often goes undiscussed. Where is all of this transformation taking us?  Read more here

Integrating AEM with your commerce platform using ACT

Depending on the implementation approach, the most common issues for marketing teams revolve around managing activity in multiple systems, duplication of data, preview ability, authoring, and product synchronization. ACT solves for these issues by bringing everything into AEM for the marketer without commerce data syndication. Lean more here




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