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Nike Launches First Subscription Service

While there are many subscription services out there for people to subscribe to, Nike has decided to try something a bit niche for their first venture. This service is called "Nike's Adventure Club", marketing to kids to give them new shoes at regular intervals for when their feet grow out of their current shoes. It's a great way for parents not to have to worry every time their children's toes press against the front of the shoe. While it offers a lot of customization, the part of the program that they hopes appeals to parents is how they can send shoes back once their kid grows out of them to either donate or to recycle them properly. 

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Walmart's dominating the online grocery market

In new research, Walmart is shown to have 62% more customers than it's leading competitor in the United States. Of course, with Walmart already having a large consumer base, this statistic isn't extremely surprising. It's the fact that Walmart has been going strong with getting their online grocery game to be stronger than anyone else. This research shows that that's working. Most competitors offer delivery only while a select few (including Walmart) offer pick-up and delivery.  

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Consumers are worried about Amazon's Powers

CNBC conducted a survey this year to American consumers and the difference between the answers from 2019 and 2018 about Amazon are pretty interesting. Only 20% of those surveyed bought something on Prime Day compared to 44% last year and the amount of people who feel like Amazon is bad for small businesses rose 12% in the last year (47% to 59%). This isn't that surprising considering all the issues Amazon has had lately and the negative press it has gotten, but will it really affect them in the long run?

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