What's happening to the dash buttons? What was the top five items bought on Amazon by Canadians? This post is curated to help tune-out some of the noise and tune into information that matters.




Bye Bye Dash Buttons

It should come to no surprise to those who have kept up with Amazon's news about the dash button that it is officially being discontinued. They announced it months ago that they were no longer going to make the product, but now, they've officially announced that the service will not be available after August 31st, 2019. According to the company, there had been a large decrease in usage and to them, it didn't make sense to keep. So if you have a dash button in your house, it will be more of a decoration than a button. But don't worry, the dash function on the app will still be in operation.

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Direct to consumer plants are In

Plants have seen a large surge the last few years so it's not surprising that with plants and plant shops on the rise, there are companies out there wanting to sell directly to their consumers online. Bloomscape is one of those companies. With a passion for plants, the owner of Bloomscape was able to create a thriving business that's continuing to grow as much as his plants are. One of the big things about this direct-to-consumer company is that it's very customized to help people select the right type of plant for them and give them the support they need. 

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top five items canadians bought on prime day

It's nice to find out what customers are buying, especially when those items are on sale. So InBrampton created a list that Amazon had. The top five items were: Alexa products, PS4 Slim Bundle, LifeStraw Personal Water Filter, 23andMe Health & Ancestry kits, and Reece's candy. It's unsurprising about the Alexa products (besides the fact that they were bundled together), but Reece's being in the top five? Canadians definitely do have a sweet tooth. 

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