What's happening with Forever 21? What's with the Disney & Target partnership? This post is curated to help tune-out some of the noise and tune into information that matters.

Forever 21



Forever 21 is debating bankruptCy

Cue pun about it not being forever, etc etc. Like many retailers with multiple locations that are much too large, bankruptcy seems to be in Forever 21's future. It's not surprising when you look to see how big the stores are and how empty they can be when everything isn't on sale. That doesn't mean the brand is going away, but it will help them get rid of stores that are no longer profitable. That just means more empty stores in many malls across America. 

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Disney and Target seem to have a great partnership going on

Instead of opening up their own stores across the United States, Disney has opted to share Target's retail space and open up mini stores within the big box stores. It's a smart move for both companies. Target has the same demographic as Disney and it keeps Target different among its competitors. Not only that, but Target will be launching a store within the Disney property in Florida as well. Even though some people are happy with this partnership, others don't think it's a good move and doomed to fail.  

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Does ecommerce delivery increase carbon emissions?

Many people have tried to say that ecommerce services as a whole are bad for the environment. They say that it increases carbon emissions and isn't sustainable. However, there are people like Robert DeDomenico who say otherwise. He says that the last-mile is most energy-intensive when it's just a person taking their car to get groceries. 

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whole food prices are getting cut again?

Years ago before Amazon bought Whole Foods, it was looked at as a prestige grocery store with prices you could only think of affording. Now, those prices are constantly being slashed and it seems that it's going to be happening again very soon. The price cuts to help expand the customer base was pushed with more price hikes due to rising costs by the suppliers, but that doesn't seem to stop Amazon from looking to it again with the grocery chain.

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