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The Inside's Made-To-Order furniture Now includes sofas

This online shop that focuses on allowing the customer to create their own customized, unique home already had many different furniture to choose from. Adding sofas allows their customers to add that large living room piece that not many other people will have. This type of store is meant for those who like to showcase their individuality and expect personalization on a whole other level. And it works. Their motto "beyond the beige" really does strike home with many consumers.

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Amazon's New Program lets them control Prices

Not long after ending their price practice that had more than just critics outraged over the unfair advantage that Amazon was trying to create,  the company is trying something else out. They've started a new program that's being tested where third-party sellers can opt-in to letting Amazon take control of their pricing. From there,  they always get the minimum amount of money set for each item no matter the discount. A different way to go about the practice without sellers having to worry about what they price their products as on different marketplaces.

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Nike Acquires celect

Personalization is definitely a theme that carried on into 2019. Nike, while a big brand indeed, wanted to dig deeper into that trend. That's what brought them to acquire the AI start up, Celect. With this ecommerce AI tool developer, Nike's online shopping experience should be better with more advanced machine learning. It's all part of their "Consumer Direct Offense strategy”.

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Autonomous Delivery Robots now in California

Well, specifically in Irvine. However, this is the next step into testing the system before it becomes a normalized part of every day life in the United States. It will only be going to select customers at first,  getting used to a different type of weather than before. With Scouts being tested in different areas of the nation and constantly being innovated to work better in neighbourhoods and through normal and unique circumstances with being outside, it may still be awhile before they're released officially. But they do have competition in the market that are also trying to be the leaders in autonomous delivery bots.

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