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Amazon Lockers Will be at Coachella 

It doesn't matter if you haven't been to Coachella before, if you've gone to any type of music festival, you know the problems of realizing when you're there that you've forgotten something. Even if it seems like you may not need it (bug spray or sunscreen anyone?), you soon get the regret before or after you get home. So Amazon has decided to try and intervene by bringing their lockers to Coachella so that people can get what they need, whether in advance or same-day and have it delivered to the event with no extra cost.

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Deliv breaks ties with Walmart

It's not every day that you can break-up with a retail giant, but that's exactly what Deliv did. The termination notice came once it was apparent that Walmart couldn't meet with logistics and deliver on the 'same-day' promise that they had offered. Deliv doesn't believe that drivers should have to wait long for an order to be given to them. The issue? Walmart's priorities didn't seem to include delivery when it came down to it. They have a long ways to go if they want to compete with Amazon.

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David's Bridal going in a different direction after bankruptcy

Thought to be gone after bankruptcy, the company emerged with a new plan: work on customer experience and their online store. New investments and initiatives have David's Bridal looking optimistic for its future. CNBC goes into more detail with what one can expect to come from the bridal company through a time where most would think that the market is declining.


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Conversational Commerce: Jumpstart your journey

A new type of user interface is emerging, one that removes clicking and swiping in favor of written and spoken natural language dialog. Enabled by AI, conversational and voice-driven capabilities are removing the barriers that have traditionally deterred customers from interacting with technology. Download the PDF here

Conversation Still Exists in Commerce

The most important conversation your customer has with your brand in the coming years might be with a computer. About 27% of customers were unsure whether their last customer service interaction was with a bot or a human, and 40% didn't care who answered their query as long as it was resolved. Read it here




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