Who's using AR this week? Why is InstaCart changing their tipping policy? This post is curated to help tune-out some of that noise and turn it into information that matters.

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Warby Parker entering the AR game

Another week, another company realizing the potential that AR has on helping create a better, more unique customer experience. This week we have Warby Parker who used the tools from the AR Kit provided by Apple to help people sport their glasses in real time to see what it would look like on them. This isn't the first time they tried to do AR, but their earlier attempt left a lot to the imagination considering glasses need to look as real as possible when doing try-ons.

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Backlash causes InstaCart To Change Tip Policy

Where have you ever heard of people being paid less if they get tipped more? Definitely not in any restaurant that I know of, but that was the policy with InstaCart until just recently. When it was revealed that that was what was happening to people who got higher tips, workers caused a much-understood fuss. At least that'll change now, right?

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Don't Just Discover with PInterest, Buy Too 

There has always been potential with Pinterest becoming an ecommerce tool just by its sheer existence as a platform. Now they're trying to expand on that by automating their 'Shop the Look' feature. Before, you could 'buy' items from a photo, but that was with certain partnered brands and it was very much a manual process. But now, they want this to become automated and allow the algorithm to be used on any pin. This new version of the feature will be released only for iOS first, specifically with indoor decor. You should give it a try.


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Are gaps in customer centric marketing costing you money?

Data reveals that it’s not simply a fuzzy nice-to-have to make customers happier. There is a very hard and real cost for CX that doesn’t deliver on customer expectations. Read it here

Did you hear about the Billion Dollar Customer Experience Insight?

There are many incredible ways to understand your customer and improve your customer experience, but there’s another way that goes even deeper, and can be worth billions of dollars when done properly. Read it here




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