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Holiday ecommerce pulled in $126 billion

So that seems like a big number, right? Well, it is. $18 billion more than 2017, actually. In the 2 month time span in the United States, it contains all sales from Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas. Even with the rise in ecommerce sales, brick and mortar still played a big part. Business Insider does a breakdown of each holiday through the research done by Adobe Analytics. 

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Will Brexit affect ecommerce?

There is a lot going on in Europe at the moment. Whether you live there or not, it's in your best interest to keep an eye on what's happening. With Brexit, when it comes to ecommerce, are worried about cross-border commerce. So will it be affected? Forbes went and found some answers through EMOTA. Even though it's still uncertain, the questions addressed are important for people to keep in mind.

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Walmart Chooses 4 platforms to help with ecommerce Delivery 

How else would Walmart be able to expand even more than it already has without partnering with third parties? This is specifically for four states in which they want to grow more in the grocery delivery business. These four companies are Point Pickup, Skipcart, AxelHire, and Roadie. But even with partnering, Walmart has training that the personal shoppers must go through. Due to wanting to make sure people will continue to use it, they want to maintain high quality service and not let people choose just anything when it comes to picking up grocery items. 


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Your customer-centric future starts with them

Your goal is to get your customer to buy from you, right? But every time they engage with you is an opportunity for you to learn more about them, their behaviors, and motivations. Every interaction is an opportunity to encourage further engagement, foster brand growth, and build loyalty. SMITH VP, Christina Lagoda, gets you started right here with Your Customer-centric Future Starts with Them. Read it here

Providing Value Beyond the transaction

Whether you’re selling in B2B, B2C, or some combination of both, it’s critical to view your digital customer experience as more than a tool for transactions and remember that in many cases, buying your product online might not solve the problem that drove them to your site. Read it here




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