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Starbucks Delivers heads to six more cities in the U.S.

After a successful pilot program in Miami last fall, they've announced going to six more cities which include starting with San Francisco, then going to Boston, Chicago, L.A., New York, and Washington, D.C.. This started with a launch in China and after having it work well there, it just made sense to partner with Uber Eats to bring it to the U.S. market. This is the start of their initiative to bring Starbucks Deliver to over 2,000 stores in the U.S. in 2019. So when will they finally bring this to Canada?

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WTO Members look to Make New Rules for Ecommerce

It's no secret that ecommerce on a national scale has been just short of being the wild west for some time now. Because of this, many nations are already looking to negotiate on regulations for helping govern global ecommerce. This initiative had been stalled in the past, but now more than half of the members (70 nations) are looking to restart it. While there are many nations that haven't signed on, including China, the hope is to help with ecommerce and the data flow on the internet in general on a global scale.

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Adidas looking to do ai shopping experiences with new partner 

Their goal? To generate a complete outfit recommendation for a customer based on the individual products that they're looking at. They understand that their online store is important, if not more so than their brick and mortar counterparts. While they had a feature that was similar with 'Complete the Look', they realized quickly enough that it wasn't good enough. It took too long and many people gave up, so a look was never finished. The use of AI will allow the feature to be used more prominently and help people see outfits filled with items they may not have thought about otherwise.


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Your goal is to get your customer to buy from you, right? But every time they engage with you is an opportunity for you to learn more about them, their behaviors, and motivations. Every interaction is an opportunity to encourage further engagement, foster brand growth, and build loyalty. SMITH VP, Christina Lagoda, gets you started right here with Your Customer-centric Future Starts with Them. Read it here

Are gaps in customer centric marketing costing you money?

Data reveals that it’s not simply a fuzzy nice-to-have to make customers happier. There is a very hard and real cost for CX that doesn’t deliver on customer expectations. Read it here




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