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Pinterest is still around and they're pushing video

Trying to fight for ad dollars and users, Pinterest is looking at their data and utilizing it to implement updated tools and focusing their efforts where people will most likely be and where the money can be spent. Where is that for them right now? Video. Many users are looking for videos on Pinterest. Because of the collections feature, content easily resurfaces. Pinterest is trying to advertise this to companies to show the benefits of posting videos onto their platform instead of others.

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Cotton Inc. launches curated style portal on Amazon

Amazon is getting more creative in showcasing products as it partners with Cotton Inc. and celebrity stylist Irma Martínez to feature a range of looks curated by fashion influencers. Brands featured in the lineup include American Apparel, J. Crew and Adidas and are drawn from lines of summer clothes that are, quite naturally, made with cotton. The campaign also includes a physical popup store that will be open from July 26-28 in Montauk, NY.

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eBay mocks Prime Day and Alexa in “Crash Day” sale ad campaign

As retailers gear up for their own answers to Prime Day, eBay went especially far to promote their “Crash Day” sale (a nudge about Amazon’s crashing servers last Prime day) with an ad campaign featuring a real-life Alexa. In the spot, the teenage Alexa mocks Prime Day for being a sale you have to pay for, as it’s only available to subscribers, and notes that the parade of deals is only on things people don’t really want. Coresite Research predicts Amazon could rake in $5.8 Billion this Prime Day and competitors like Target and Walmart are lining up their own major sales in the hopes of similar revenue benefits.

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The changes to buyer expectations and etsy

Etsy is constantly changing, but finally, they're moving into the era of modern online stores. A con that has plagued Etsy and their ability to be able to get more customers is the simple issue of shipping. Something that you wouldn't think would be as big of an issue as it is, but when the shops are able to price their own shipping, you can bet that you'll see a $3 item with a shipping cost of $15. Realizing that this deters people, they're implementing free shipping with orders over $35 (starting in the U.S.). Hopefully this goes worldwide once they figure it out how to make sure the sellers don't end up being the ones to pay the price.

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