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Prime Day sold more than Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Even with everything that could have gone against Amazon on Monday and Tuesday, it didn't seem to stop consumers. It was still able to beat out how many items it sold during the 48 hours than it did during Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. The total? Over 175 million items. It also is the best time for their own products as well. While electronics is always big, many people used it for their back-to-school shopping as well.

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Get rewards from uber when using Cargo.

Uber is constantly trying to innovate to keep their customers happy. If it's not giving them a quiet mode, it's giving them in-ride entertainment. The introduction of Cargo does a lot for Uber. It allows customers have access to entertainment for longer rides (for an extra cost) and access to a shopping app, both that only work while in the Uber. The cool thing? Consumers get daily deals that are specific to Uber and they can earn rewards, like 10% back on what they purchased. 

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Toys R Us plans to come back during the holidays

Not gone nor forgotten, the toy store is coming back. It won't be as big as it was, only opening up two locations, but it's a start. They're not doing it alone though. Tru Kids got the help of b8ta through a partnership, allowing them to not only save the brands from Toys R Us, but also go further with what Toys R Us should be: An experience. This partnership should prove fruitful given that they'll be able to create better CX in store and get analytics that will help them on the path to grow in 2020.

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Bigger Hearts. Better Outcomes.

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