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starbucks is licensing out their mobile tech to other franchises

Brightloom is getting the license to use Starbucks' mobile and loyalty technology in exchange for equity stakes in the company. This isn't the end though. Brightloom hopes to create its own platform through it and provide it to Starbucks stores and other companies. Trying to create an industry solution takes time and it'll also hopefully help make the mobile loyalty app get used in many of the other markets Starbucks is in.

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Google shopping is now live

It was being tested in many countries across the world, but finally, it's live. Not just anywhere though, the homepage is live in the United States. It's meant to make it easier and more accessible to people without having to go to multiple sites to look for different items. Instead of users going to Amazon, they're able to stay on Google and drive more traffic to merchants who already advertise and promote on Google's network. It's a new look and feel compared to what users got before.

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EBay is finally going to be competing in the shipping war

An issue that eBay has always had when it came to trying to compete with Amazon is shipping. They can't grab that much of the market back from them, but being able to implement Managed Delivery will help create faster fulfillment which, in the long run, will help eBay a lot. Storing seller merchandise in warehouses should be offered to at least half of the items on the site. No more waiting 2-8 weeks for an item? Yes please.

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