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Face Scan



Beauty Filters in Face-scan payments

Taking our selfies with AR filters on constantly distorts our perception of ourselves. Whether it's for better or worse, one company in China, Alipay, has decided to do something about complaints from people that face-scanning makes the customers look 'ugly'. This isn't coming from nowhere. This is a feature that customers really want in China. 

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The internet tricked adidas' ai campaign

Adidas was in hot water this week after a marketing campaign went wrong on social media. In the U.K., their account started a new social campaign that had people hashtagging #DareToCreate that prompted an AI to create jersey photos with their Twitter handle. Of course that just meant that people knew how to mess with it. It didn't take long (as learned from the past) for the Internet to start trolling and making it say some pretty terrible things. While this was supposed to be a fun campaign, we still have a ways to go when it comes to making sure it stays fun.

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Uber Eats is now dine-in too? 

Uber is constantly trying to find ways to get people to use it more often. The convenience model doesn't stop at offering delivery to places you never thought would deliver to you. They're now offering pick-up and dine-in options. Of course, this is only in select cities in the United States for now, but it's still a big difference from just getting food brought to you. For those fancier nights where you want to go out, being able to reserve, pre-order your food, tip, and more, on the app creates a level of convenience. It's the new way to be able to eat out without having to wait forever to get your order taken.

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GRubhub's buying up domains?

It's more important now than ever to have an online presence and that's especially true for restaurants. Prices, location, menu items, specials... Most people don't want to buy food from a place if they don't have any information, but what happens when you can't even make your own website because Grubhub bought your domain? Whether this was meant to help the restaurant in the beginning or not, it's not a good look on a company that's trying to be the one-stop shop for restaurant delivery services.

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