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Amazon is no longer in the restaurant delivery service 

Did anyone else know that you could buy meals from restaurants through your Prime membership? I sure didn't. They were ahead of the game with this service, but with lack of marketing and setting themselves onto other ventures, the market for restaurant delivery got crowded and they lost market share to the point of it not being worth keeping around any longer. They had already gotten rid of it in London, but now they plan to get rid of the service in the United States completely. With this announcement, Grubhub's shares went up. Amazon has lots of plans for future of delivery services, but Amazon Restaurants just isn't one of them.

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Target's keeping up with same-day shipping

How long ago did we talk about Amazon and their desire to increase their same-day shipping capability? And how Walmart was right behind them when it came to saying 'me too'? Well, now it's Target's turn. Not wanting to stay behind while the other large retailers take control of the shipping conversation, they've now expanded into same-day shipping as well. Now, shoppers can pay a flat fee of $9.99 per order to have any of 65,000 items on their site be delivered to them on the same day. To do this, they're using Shipt.

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Jetblack customers spend average of $1,500 per month

It has only been a year since this service was launched by Walmart, but already over half the customers spend an average of $1,500 a month using the service and are using it weekly. It's not a service that only delivers products from Walmart. This personal shopping service goes to other retailers as well, and while it doesn't serve all products, it offers busy people a chance to get their errands and shopping done without having to worry about finding time to do it in their schedule. No wonder they're spending $300 a week on average with the service.

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Mary Meeker's 2019 Internet Report is out

And it's out! Every year, people wait for this report to come out to find out what juicy new stats and insights are waiting for them inside. It's not a short report either. With over 300 slides in the presentation, each one has an interesting nugget of information around how the Internet, and our use of it, is evolving. You can look at it here. For us, the most interesting piece of information is the growth of ecommerce. Compared to Q1 vs the previous year, it's seen 12.4% growth and now accounts for 15% of total retail sales. Keep on shoppin'.  

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Make Complex Buying Simple

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