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Mirakl Raises $70 million

Our partner, Mirakl has just raised $70 million from investors, bringing their total raised to $100 million. This drives home how much value they've provided to customers in such a short period of time, growing revenue and increasing market share along the way. We're proud to work with them as a partner and are excited to continue delivering better outcomes with their solutions.

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Etsy Offsets Carbon Emissions from Shipping 

An ecommerce marketplace known for their support of small businesses and entrepreneurs, they've decided to take a stand on an issue that many ecommerce organizations have not (though they might be thinking about doing it now). Etsy has decided to offset all of its shipping emissions globally. They plan to do this with a project to help different parts of the world with climate change by working with a company called 3Degrees. It's not surprising to see this change from a company that already runs fully on renewable energy, but this is the kind of change more consumers are looking for in ecommerce.

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Target+: A better Marketplace for Third Party Sellers?

Do you sometimes get worried about buying things from third party sellers on Amazon or Walmart that seem maybe too good to be true for the price? Target's planning to combat this type of thinking with their new offering on their site. This marketplace plans to be much more curated when it comes to certain shopping categories. You cannot just apply to join and get in, but you have to be selected and invited. A bit of a different approach, isn't it? 


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The Hidden Cost of Poor Managed Services

The environments landscape, the code, and the release methodology all required major improvements, and our team had to deal with more than a few obstacles in the process, including one hidden surprise. Read more here

Conversational Commerce: Jumpstart your journey

A new type of user interface is emerging, one that removes clicking and swiping in favor of written and spoken natural language dialog. Enabled by AI, conversational and voice-driven capabilities are removing the barriers that have traditionally deterred customers from interacting with technology. Download it here




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