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Facebook planning to copy wechat?

Buying WhatsApp was one step, and Facebook has never been one to keep things the way they are. As they've mentioned, ecommerce is an area that they're pursuing with many of their apps, like Instagram. WhatsApp is no different. That's why they're taking note of WeChat's strategy in China to create a payment system within the app. Will it work? China has been using these kinds of payment systems for a while, but will the rest of the world follow suit?

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Rent the Runway going into home decor 

Renting isn't anything new, but Rent The Runway takes it to a whole new level by touching on something that people want: to experience the work of designers without keeping the products (for only a portion of the price). There's many reasons for a new product line to work in the form of furniture rentals, like having an instagramable apartment for an evening. West Elm is pursuing this channel, and while they're not the first to get into furniture rental, utilizing Rent the Runway will give them a piece of a demographic who love the finer things in life, even if it's only temporary.

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amazon potentially targeting rural america

Amazon has recently done a study that shows rural businesses could add 360,000 full-time jobs and contribute an additional $140 million to the U.S. economy through the use of digital technology. However, they need better digital access. Amazon's research may have uncovered the potential and barriers, but the main question is who will help these businesses get there by fixing connectivity issues with access to better Internet in the rural communities?


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23% of ecommerce sales in europe is Cross-border

Europe is a giant market. Counting only the EU16, 36 billion euros were generated in 2018 by the biggest 500 cross-border retailers. This doesn't include outside commerce entities selling in from the rest of the world. While it's important to note how big the United Kingdom is within this ecosystem, analysts expect that Brexit won't affect the future of cross-border ecommerce in the region as much as we might think.


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Conversational Commerce: Self-Service Support

Self-service customer support chat and conversational Q&A recommendation systems offer B2B businesses an affordable way to provide 24x7 always-on help and easy access to information across a variety of digital channels. Read more here

Integrating AEM with your commerce platform using ACT

Depending on the implementation approach, the most common issues for marketing teams revolve around managing activity in multiple systems, duplication of data, preview ability, authoring, and product synchronization. ACT solves for these issues by bringing everything into AEM for the marketer without commerce data syndication. Lean more here




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