What did Instagram finally implement? What's in Hudson Yards? This post is curated to help tune-out some of the noise and tune into information that matters.

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Instagram finally launches their shopping checkout

It's been a long time coming, but finally it's launched. You can now not only browse on Instagram, but also officially shop and even purchase. However, the brands who decide to use this route should know that when a customer 'checks out on Instagram', that's going to cost you. It's like a lot of other companies. You sell your item on their platform, but that just means that they get a cut of that profit. How else would Instagram get money from this new venture?

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People are Already Skeptical About Hudson Yards 

Usually, a new mall wouldn't make such noise, but this isn't just a mall. This is a new mini-city within New York with 1 million square feet out of the 18 million set specifically for retailers. Not only that, but they had online retailers in mind when creating this mall. This will be a mall where online retailers won't just be pop-ups, but actual stores, which has been a big trend as of late. But people aren't all on board. Malls are apparently dying, so what makes this one special? Will it work? Will people go to the brick and mortar locations of places they can get to on their phone?

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74% of consumers go to amazon when they're ready to make a purchase

This new study from Feedvisor shows a behaviour of consumers that may be something that other online retailers might want to take seriously about their customers. Not only do consumers click on Amazon product ads when browsing (73%), but 83% of those people actually purchased the product. Is it price or convenience? Does it mean you have to be on Amazon too or be more competitive? There's a lot to break down. Go take a look at all the stats and insights on Marketing Dive.


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The Need for Interpretability and Transparency: Explainable AI (XAI) for Trusted Actionable Insights

XAI brings transparency to the forefront of business decision making, unlocking the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning and thus delivering actionable insights that unlock the true business value. Read more here

Integrating AEM with your commerce platform using ACT

Depending on the implementation approach, the most common issues for marketing teams revolve around managing activity in multiple systems, duplication of data, preview ability, authoring, and product synchronization. ACT solves for these issues by bringing everything into AEM for the marketer without commerce data syndication. Lean more here




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