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Airbnb is acquiring hoteltonight

It seems a bit weird that a company that focuses on offering home listings for people to use for a few nights is acquiring another company that focuses on grabbing last minute bookings of hotel rooms for reasonable rates. But does it really? It makes sense for Airbnb to try and grab more of the marketshare by offering more hotels on their site and they hope this move proves that.

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Alibaba partnering with office depot 

There's a lot of ways for companies to break into the U.S. market and try to compete against Amazon, but partnering with Office Depot definitely was not one I would think of right away. But this isn't partnership isn't for consumers (at least at first). This is to offer a new destination for companies to go to for fulfillment, distribution, and a new place for small businesses to get what they need for their business quickly and inexpensively. As well as offer a new sales channel. In the end, it seems that the partnership will be an interesting one to keep an eye on.

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Hooch is offering loyalty through blockchain technology

Subscription-based services that are tied to other companies isn't anything new and isn't going away any time soon, but offering more to that service is a bit different, especially when you're using technology that most people know about in certain terms, but as a way to decentralize consumer rewards? Not so much. So how did Hooch accomplish this and be able to utilize credit card information to seamlessly know what stores you've been to and how much you spent, but still stay on top of security and not store any information on your identity?


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Conversational Commerce: Self-Service Support

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