How is Google trying to utilize YouTube? Where did the latest Amazon Go store open? This post is curated to help tune-out some of the noise and tune into information that matters.

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youtube's front and centre in Google's ecommerce plan

You know how when a game is being played on Twitch, you can buy the game right there? Or when influencers have their merch advertised via Merch Shelves on YouTube? Well, Google Express plans to do the same thing on YouTube, but with brands who are a third party vendor on their platform. This isn't their endgame though, with the goal being rebranding and becoming more integrated into YouTube as some of the steps after, if this test is a success.

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Amazon Go now in new york

It wasn't long ago when we were talking about Amazon Go planning on taking cash. It turns out that their newest store in New York will be doing just that. Tuesday this week was when it first opened at Brookfield Place, making this the twelfth store that it has opened so far in the last twelve months. This is the first store though that will be accepting cash. There still won't be cash registers, but people can get a store employee come to them to help them check out with a mobile device.

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Retailers are using dropshipping programs to help with their ecommerce

According to a new study from the Center for Supply Chain Research at Lehigh University, many retailers are utilizing the dropshipping model to help with the ecommerce portion of their business. It's unsurprising that this program is being looked at more as an option since you don't have to worry about a virtual inventory, the overhead is lower, and you have a wider selection of products for your online store (among other things). While the model is a bit older, with new technology and the online shopping world thriving, dropshipping just seems to make more sense for many small and medium sized ecommerce businesses.


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Amazon's competitor, Alibaba, is taking on global ecommerce

Alibaba hasn't stopped in their effort of continuing to grow and become a global behemoth or a 'global dream' as they call it. Their newest initiative is offer a full international service. The way that they're going to start this is by allowing AliExpress to accept oversea vendors to sell to their customers around the world. It won't be done all at once, only starting in 4 countries, but if it works out well this year, their strategy will continue on a larger-scale.


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