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Tagged products now coming to INfluencers on Instagram

The F8 Conference this year had a lot of announcements that focused on eCommerce. It isn't very surprising considering where the social media giant, Facebook, is headed. While this news was for Facebook and Whatsapp, a new feature for creators and influencers was dropped on Instagram, just before they started testing a new feature that could either hinder or improve influencer marketing on the platform. Influencers are letting creators and influencers sell products directly from their photos. Instead of having to make a follower go to the other page and hope to find the product that they were looking at, they can now tap the photo and that exact product will show up as a tag. 

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Best Buy is thriving online

A big box retail store that focuses on electronics doesn't seem like something that would necessarily last long in the market, even in Canada. With everything downsizing, how can Best Buy have its main locations and smaller in-mall pop ups? Well, it turns out that Best Buy Canada has learned to embrace eCommerce and get ahead of the electronic game, even compared to Amazon. It does help that Amazon in Canada doesn't have the same inventory of items as its American counterpart.

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Marriott going into the home-rental market

The hotel chain isn't the only one seeing opportunity in that market to keep themselves competitive. Expedia has also begun showing offerings of non-hotel rooms when people look for accommodations. However, the way that the Marriott plans to expand starts with four cities in Europe, all the while allowing guests to utilize their loyalty program at these pilot-program properties. Instead of starting from scratch, they've partnered with a company that already has many properties: Hostmaker. This isn't all they're doing though, after also confirming that they're entering the home-sharing marketing in the U.S. under the name Homes & Villas for luxury & premium homes.


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Make Complex Buying Simple

In this webinar, we will discuss the current trends in complex CPQ selling models: recent shifts in customer expectations, the subsequent impact on the organization, and the complex nature of those sales.  Watch here

The Eternal Constant of CX

Keeping up with the ever-changing demands of customers in an always-connected world can be quite challenging for B2B organizations. Read more here




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