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Walmart's 'unlimited' grocery delivery service is expanding

This had begun in a few cities in early 2019 to test it out. The service allows people to pay $12/month or $98/year to cover the delivery fees whenever they buy grocery items online. However, this isn't for all items and is only a selection of what they carry, though they wouldn't be rolling it out nationwide if it didn't do well.

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Target's Loyalty Program is going nationwide in october

More things are being rolled out from other retailers as well. While Target already had a loyalty program, they made it better and more personalized with deals, early access to sales, and more. After having tested it out, they now plan to release it to all of the U.S. in October. Those who are enrolled to the old program will automatically be enrolled in the new one. This is a new way that they hope to use the buyer data they get from the app for their customers. 

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More money for Syte's Visual Search Engine

With visual search more important than ever for ecommerce, it makes sense that Syte was able to get money for its technology. The difference between Syte and its competitors? It engages shoppers in the process of the search by snapping photos of items they like in order to be used on the retailer to find comparibles.  They already use this technology with a few brands like Argos and Kohl's. With the money raised, they're making their product better while also looking at physical commerce and app-based tools.

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So Long Google Express

Well, it isn't going away completely. Instead, it's going to be combined with Google Shopping, the service that they've been creating and utilizing for awhile now. Trying to take Amazon was something Google had hoped to accomplish with Express, but because of the mere logistics of what Google was, it didn't work. Now though, because of Google Shopping, they're able to integrate the old platform, redesign it, and make it better for the retailers and advertisers.

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