What's going on with Amazon's search engine? Is holiday spending uncertain? This post is curated to help tune-out some of the noise and tune into information that matters.

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Physical books aren't going anywhere

The trend of books outselling e-book isn't new, as even in 2017, the number of people buying physical outweighed e-books by a lot. What's interesting is that even in 2019, it's still going strong with the physical copies making up for 84% of the revenue. And what else? Younger people are the ones still reading and preferring it. This same trend can be found with Gen Z and brick and mortar stores. A new report recently looked at how they actually like doing shopping in stores. It's a type of 'retail therapy' for them.

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Amazon's search engine favours its own products?

The change in algorithm is to increase the chances of people clicking their products instead of others. While it was supposed to be secret, that obviously isn't the case anymore. 'Featured' has nothing to do with how good an item is or if it's a best match. It's just what will give Amazon the most profit. This might not be the case for long though with the cat out of the bag where Amazon could soon be seeing a lot of issues from regulations and sellers alike.

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More credit cards from Walmart

You've probably been asked if you wanted to sign up for a Walmart credit card at least once if you've gone into the store. Well, now there's more credit cards from them, in partnership with Capital One. This program launches on September 24, 2019, and offers 5% back on digital purchases. However, after the first year, the benefits change. You'll only get 2% in store in Walmart, but still 5% on Walmart.com. You also get 2% on restaurants and travel and 1% everywhere else. It's not only about being partnered with Walmart and getting more back by shopping with them, but also shopping online instead of in store. 

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Shoppers holiday spend expected to increase 5%

The results from Deloitte's survey for 2019 holiday spending came as a surprise to some people with the current economic climate in United States being considered nothing less than 'uncertain'. But even with talks of a possible recession and the market going up and down, it turns out that the labour market is doing really well right now. But it isn't just about the unemployment rate. Tariffs on many goods from China are being delayed until December 15th to help people buy their holiday gifts without the extra costs. 

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