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KitKat Chocolatory



Want to buy an expensive KitKat?

KitKats are great. The crunch is amazing, there's a certain way to eat them, the jingle is catchy, but is it enough? Apparently, in the UK, it isn't. The old chocolate bars aren't enough anymore. People want more. They want to try new flavours with different ingredients and so KitKat is giving people just that. In the UK, at KitKat Chocolatories, you can special edition flavours like gin and tonic, earl grey, and more for £7.50 each. But do you want to create your own KitKat with different flavours to combine? That'll cost you £14. These are twice the size of a regular KitKat with customizable choices of chocolate and up to three ingredients. Will you make one?

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Permission.io pays consumers for their data

The company just launched an eCommerce marketplace that deals with consumer data. Consumers still buy products from merchants, but the consumer also gets interruption-free shopping, gain entry into the crypto space, and earn ASK with each purchase, ad viewed, review shared, etc. So what is ASK? It's their cryptocurrency that businesses use to pay consumers for their data instead of giving the money to other businesses, like Google. But will the first step of their cryptocurrency work?

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Amazon is reimagining that dash button they got rid of

A lot of announcements were made by Amazon, including Alexa earbuds and more, but what was really interesting was how they were bringing back that dash function. As we mentioned before, they got rid of the Dash Button, but it turns out, they're just replacing it with all smart home devices instead. The way they plan to do this is the Amazon's Smart Home Skill API that uses different sensors to figure out what you use and how much you use it. These can be put into items like smart coffee pots, washing machines, etc. It's a pretty cool concept and less having to rely on the actual person as well.

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The toys R Us comeback is upon us

Toys R Us is hoping that they can bounce back after announcing two new store openings in November, one in New Jersey and another in Texas. This is after they were bought by b8ta and Tru Kids, wanting to bring back the brand after the sad bankruptcy it faced last year. These stores plan to be different than the previous big box it used to be. They'll be smaller and hopefully incentivize online sales. Not only that, but they hope that they can hire back old employees who lost their jobs. And while the toy market was hit hard because of the bankruptcy, it expects to increase again in 2020, a great time for the stores to pop up.

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