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Lego Store



A Lego Store Might Open Up Near You

Have you gone to the mall recently and noticed a store covered in a yellow wall talking about how a Lego store will be opening in the next year in that store? You're not the only one. Lego plans to open 70 stores globally (not including China) by the end of 2019, and 140 stores in China. They are focusing their efforts in malls at a time when there's a lot of vacancies. Lego does well with stores, where they used to have dedicated aisles at Toys R Us and are known for having interactive experiences at their larger stores, along with workshops (mini builds) for kids. 

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How Ecommerce is used to upcycle food

There are many companies that are looking at the amount of food wasted and trying to find ways to fix that problem by upcycling the ingredients and instead creating them into new products. This has the been the case for a few companies like ReGrained and Barnana. Both companies are creating products to help reduce the waste of food and also get to their audience through retailers, but also via ecommerce platforms to target the customers outside of the states and cities that they have covered in stores.

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Fedex is going from Amazon to Walmart?

While the main news around FedEx has been their ties being cut from Amazon, what hasn't been discussed is the steady climb of their partnership with Walmart. FedEx now delivers 55% of the retailer's packages which has been on a slow and steady climb since January of this year. With Amazon going into their own shipping business, FedEx has been looking for other opportunities with online retailers. There's opportunities for growth as long as Amazon doesn't try to spread out with its shipping business.

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Flipkart pledges to scrap single-use plastic packaging in india

More news concerning ecommerce and the environment comes from Flipkart who has announced that they plan to replace all single-use plastic in their packaging by Jun 2020. Instead, they will be using paper cushions. They also plan to move to entirely recycled plastic by 2021. For a company as large as it is in India, this is a big deal. The country is continuously fighting with environmental pollution. They aren't the only company doing this, and in reality, they are getting ahead of government plans that will be announced this fall.

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