If there’s one thing that B2B organizations should know… It’s that there’s always one more thing that any organization should know. There are so many strategies, applications, and ways to help your business grow and become more efficient that sometimes it can become a little overwhelming. The best way to combat complexity is to simplify, which is why we created the on-demand webinar Make Complex Buying Simple with our partners SAP and eLogic, which you can view here.

But where to start? And why should you care about CPQ in simplifying complex sales?

Let’s start with the top 5 ways it can transform your business.


Many of these can be done by other solutions separately, but where’s the efficiency in that? CPQ allows all of this and more. But don’t just take it from our nice infographic. Join CPQ experts from SMITH, eLogic, and SAP as they explain current trends in complex sales for B2B, best practices in CPQ, and the associated benefits for better customer experience: Make Complex Buying Simple.


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