Remember when commerce took place as a literal conversation between buyer and seller?

The most important conversation your customer has with your brand in the coming years might be with a computer. About 27% of customers were unsure whether their last customer service interaction was with a bot or a human, and 40% didn't care who answered their query as long as it was resolved.

Chris Palmer, Senior Strategy Director at SMITH takes a deep dive into what your brand could – and should – be doing to prepare your customer experience for the era of conversational interfaces in SMITH’s Guide to Conversational Commerce.

Breaking the complex topic into insightful trends, examples, and big ideas, the paper explores how the early frustrations with conversational tools like bots are giving way to more natural conversations driven by text and voice interfaces that rely on newer, cheaper AI-powered natural language understanding tools that can emote and learn from your customers.

As more and more brands dive into conversational interfaces, 91% of companies who have been early to adopt chatbots are experiencing a 1x to 5x return on their investment in the first 12 months, and the technology is still in its infancy.

In just two short years, 47 million people now have access to smart speakers and tens of thousands of intelligent skills, while on mobile, over 20% of searches are now beginning with voice.

Learn more about the trend you can’t afford to miss by downloading SMITH’s Guide to Conversational Commerce here.



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