Voice Assistant

Once upon a time, all commerce transactions were conducted either in person or over the phone. Either way, both parties were required to have direct conversation before any exchange took place. Fast forward to today, technological advances make it possible to conduct business without ever having to physically talk to a human. How? Consumers are now able to go online and pretty much order anything with just a click of a button. Gone are the days where live, human, agents are required or preferred. In fact, a recent poll showed 40% of consumers didn't care whether or not their query was answered by a machine or a real person, as long as it was answered.

AI-powered conversational tools like chatbots and virtual agents help automate and personalize customer service functions. From answering billing questions to providing product related info, these tools can be trained to intelligently engage inbound leads by answering questions and surfacing relevant content.

Self-service customer support chat and conversational Q&A recommendation systems offer B2B businesses an affordable way to provide 24x7 always-on help and easy access to information across a variety of digital channels.

Learn how these conversational tools and more offer B2B businesses an affordable way to improve lead responsiveness while reducing service costs in the SMITH’s Guide to Conversational Commerce by downloading here.

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