Understanding who your most valuable customers are is more complicated than just tracking who makes the biggest purchases. Successful companies take a longer, lifecycle view of customer relationships.

With the right data applied to the right metrics, you can get a much clearer picture of who your most valuable customers are and tailor your ecommerce and marketing plans accordingly. In this SMITH white paper, we examine the best metric for the job—Customer Lifetime Value.

Discover the basics about this important measurement:

  • What is Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)?
  • How do you calculate CLV?
  • Why use CLV over other metrics?

Inside, you’ll see why using CLV is so essential to a successful digital commerce strategy, how it differs from—and improves on—other metrics, and why you should use it across all customer segments.

Take your customer data to a higher level using CLV with simple, actionable instructions and important business use information. Supercharge your ecommerce, improve sales and ramp up customer retention using CLV—download the white paper to see how.


CLV: The Metric to Rule Them All


Tags: customer retention, customer lifetime value