You’re (probably) not selling lemons for lemonade stands, but we can all relate to the challenges Ruby faces as she triumphs against competitors with deep pockets and a calculating eye on the bottom line, doing everything they can to eat her lunch.



Creating Ruby’s tale was a labor of love for our team because it reflects the spirit of who we are at the core. We wanted to tell a story that evoked the feelings of true care we have for our clients and what their businesses – and customers – mean to them. A story where smarts and hearts win out over the competition.

Many of us, the ones who haven’t already been here for a decade, joined SMITH from larger consultancies. We joined because SMITH’s nimble size lets us get closer to our clients, implementing change faster and more effectively to deliver the outcomes they’re looking for.

We also joined because we’re passionate about SMITH’s commitment to our culture and values. Our profits and returns support a philanthropic cause, not individual wealth creation or a holding company. SMITH is truly a family. Ruby is played by the daughter of our videographer. (And her name really is Ruby.)

What does that mean for our clients?

It means that when you hire SMITH you’re getting a seasoned team that’s going to get up every morning thinking about your business, because the problems that keep you up at night are why we became a team in the first place.

It’s not enough for us to sit back and have a light impact on our clients business through PowerPoints and brainstorms. We’re here for the long run, for the complex challenges, for all the scary details. We’re here to get our hands dirty.

Whether you’re selling lemons or lighting systems, it’s a fight out there, and every day counts. Winning in the experience economy takes a lot of heart. And that’s something you’ll never find us short of.

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