Work can be stressful, no lie. If you’re constantly under the gun, because of difficult deadlines, difficult clients, or even a difficult co-worker (sarcasm), your job will slowly become the only priority. It will be hard to stop thinking about it. Your stress levels will slowly rise to a boiling point, and you’ll get burned out. You might be left thinking, “how do I deal with this problem/this client/this co-worker?”, well this is not that article! Here are my top 5 ways to relax and, really, feel better about everything.

  1. Treat yo self
    • Everyone deserves that one time in maybe a month or three where they just make that purchase of that one thing they’ve been keeping their eye on. I don’t mean anything lavish, but things like a meal at a slightly more expensive restaurant you wouldn’t usually have gone to, a gourmet cake from that one shop you like… I know these are food related, I wrote this right before lunch!
    • While we’re on the topic of treating ourselves… the spa is on the top of almost everyone’s list. Even if the spa is too expensive or too far away, you can still make time to just take care of yourself.

  2. Find an escape
    • Place you go to when you want to get away, be it the beach, a room in your house, or going on a hike
    • Reading your favorite book/series of books
    • Playing an immersive video game
    • Go for a drive – maybe discover a new place, go on an adventure
    • Getting your snack on, and watching a movie/series/documentary, whatever you’re into

  3. Exercising
    • Taking a short break to walk around or;
    • Pick your poison, cardio, lifting, sports, yoga/pilates
    • Meditation - Not really exercise, I know, but you are exercising your mind instead of your body
      • Some famous people who use this method include Katy Perry, Madonna, and Hugh Jackman
    • Gets your mind to focus on what you’re doing now, clears your head, is healthy, you sleep better, you’ll have more energy, and your mood will improve
    • You can do it 2 - 3 times a week until it becomes routine

  4. Being creative
    • Doing something creative can be another healthy way to clear out whatever has been bothering you in your work life. Painting, drawing, coding, writing, wood working, the list goes on.
    • Make something for the hell of making something.

  5. Spending time with friends and family – for those of us who aren’t introverts
    • Best thing about this is you can include your family in your relaxation
    • Be closer to your friends/family, might find out things you didn’t know before
    • More fun with more people

How do you relax? 




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