Whether you’re selling in B2B, B2C, or some combination of both, it’s critical to view your digital customer experience as more than a tool for transactions and remember that in many cases, buying your product online might not solve the problem that drove them to your site.

From customer service around clothes sizing to product compatibility information, even user forums, there’s a considerable amount of value that your brand can provide to deepen your relationship beyond the transaction. After all, most revenue comes from repeat buyers, so the more value you’re providing them online, the more value they’ll deliver back in the form of their customer lifetime value.

And the more you listen to what they’re telling you, the more you’ll understand how you can create new value in a virtuous cycle.

The most basic elements include things like in-depth product information and a highly responsive mechanism to speak with customer service.

Some B2C brands have idea boards for decor, while some B2B brands offer knowledge bases and user forums for highly in-depth content.

Value-Added services are limited only by your creativity as an organization. For our client PCNA, we developed tools that helped customers do their job better, producing sales materials and custom items with a few clicks, saving them time and helping customers close more business for themselves.

What’s critical is that these value added offerings require insight about what customers want.

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