The start of a new decade is an ideal time to consider how your digital business can improve and evolve. January’s SAP FKOM 2020 event offered a perfectly timed perspective widener to kick the decade ahead.

SAP FKOM (Field Kick-Off Meeting) is an annual event that brings SAP partners and sales teams together to learn about the direction ahead from SP experts and other partners. While we can all connect with each other and with our friends from SAP, we also get a small preview of what to look forward to in the upcoming year.

The SMITH Team

Myself and the rest of the SMITH team who attended SAP FKOM 2020, including Ryan Heusinkveld, Rob Miller, Liz Duggan, Sylvain Boies, Roman Frid, and Fab Di Carlantonio. came back overflowing with ideas from the sessions we attended, the discussions we had at networking events and the trends we saw on the trade show floor. Here are three of the key takeaways that kept us chatting for the entire plane ride home!

SMITH SAP FKOM TAKEAWAY #1: Broader = Better

The days of software being isolated to one department are long over. Today’s software solutions must bring efficient, process-wide collaboration across the entire organization, regardless of “who owns the budget.” Consideration for potential software solutions must account for multiple departments with a holistic view of Experience Management.

Bringing the lesson home: Better software solutions start with a crystal-clear understanding of ALL your technology and its benefits across the ENTIRE organization. I’ve got some great tools for digging in and capturing these details if you’d like a hand getting started.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Today’s business leaders need to have the confidence of knowing they have the support of an intelligent ERP software that is robust enough to handle anything that any of the organization’s processes might throw at it. SAP offers a powerful, end-to-end solution that doesn’t just integrate with your organizational needs, it solves its problems.

Bringing the lesson home: Sometimes it’s easier to learn by seeing what others are doing. I’ve got some great examples of how SMITH has helped clients adopt SAP to support some very specific industry needs and challenges. Connect with me and let’s talk.

SMITH SAP FKOM TAKEAWAY #3: SAP Isn’t Just For The Big Guys

There is a common misconception that companies with revenues under $1 billion don’t have the complexity, money or ability to justify the investment in an SAP solution. In reality, there are many sub-Fortune 1000 companies that can and have already realized massive value from implementing SAP.

Bringing the lesson home: Having a proven playbook is key for mid-sized businesses to run SAP solutions successfully and within their budget. SMITH has already written and executed these types of playbooks for dozens of mid-sized businesses with great results. I’d love to show you how.


As a SAP Gold Partner, SMITH can offer your business a unique advantage when it comes to researching, implementing and improving SAP solutions software. We’ve helped the world’s leading businesses grow and evolve by improving their digital transactions. 

Let’s connect and chat about how SMITH can help your company do the same




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