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Stop Guessing, Start Leveraging Data Insights: If you’re not data-informed you will repeat the same mistakes

SMITH’s AI Analytics practice is built to solve these challenges for our clients, helping them develop a solid data foundation and evolve towards a future of artificial intelligence, machine learning and actionable insights.

Welcome to the Imagination Age

While brands struggle with digital transformation, and consultancies focus on data-driven experience design, much of the conversation around the power of human imagination, and its role in creating the change we seek, often goes undiscussed. Where is all of this transformation taking us?

The Need for Interpretability and Transparency: Explainable AI (XAI) for Trusted Actionable Insights

XAI brings transparency to the forefront of business decision making, unlocking the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning and thus delivering actionable insights that unlock the true business value.

Conversation Still Exists in Commerce

The most important conversation your customer has with your brand in the coming years might be with a computer. About 27% of customers were unsure whether their last customer service interaction was with a bot or a human, and 40% didn't care who answered their query as long as it was resolved.

See how Mia supercharges her CX with AI

SMITH’s AI solutions can enable 360° Customer profiles with seamless integration across all digital and physical touchpoints, and provide real-time insight and predictions of potential impact on future customer engagements, while delivering personalized and proactive experiences.

Top 8 Truths You Need to Know as a Manufacturer

Maybe it's worth taking a moment to look at some facts that you may not have even realized were a thing. People always talk about B2C, but it's time to give you some truths in the realm of B2B, specifically for manufacturers.

Future of Commerce: Walmart's Audio Patent and Tomorrow's AI Culture

Artificial Intelligence provides tools for radically more advanced customer experience management than we have today. The cultural shift towards openness vs privacy, largely driven by social media and desire for convenience, is providing fuel for machine learning to create even better experiences....

AI and Contextual Commerce: Better Tools for Guided Selling

AI and Contextual Commerce: Better Tools for Guided Selling

Is Your Product Experience C-3PO or R2D2? Design AI Brand Personality

Is Your Product Experience C-3PO or R2D2? Design AI Brand Personality

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