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Stop Guessing, Start Leveraging Data Insights: If you’re not data-informed you will repeat the same mistakes

SMITH’s AI Analytics practice is built to solve these challenges for our clients, helping them develop a solid data foundation and evolve towards a future of artificial intelligence, machine learning and actionable insights.

Net Promoter Score: Would you Recommend Us?

Fostering customer loyalty is paramount to any successful business. But how do you measure it effectively? There are plenty of tools and methods available on the market. You can choose Repurchase Ratio, Upselling Ratio, or Customer Loyalty Index. But what should you use? Try Net Promoter Scores.

ROI of QA: Decreasing Project Cost and Risk with Deeper QA Participation

Testing is about ensuring quality and risk management. Decreasing project cost can help increase your ROI in your business. At SMITH, our QA focuses on both custom global commerce architectures, as well as platform deployments with systems like SAP C/4HANA, (SAP Hybris), & Adobe Experience Manager.

The Slim and Narrow on Conversion Analytics

The Slim and Narrow on Conversion Analytics

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