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Why Is It The Year of the Customer?

This year, there has been a trend in the content that we've created: Customers. Reason being? Well, we consider 2019 to be the year of the customer.

CPQ: Simplifying The Complex

Digitization, virtualization, and data syndication are all opening up opportunities for your business. Just as customer expectations are transforming, so too are their interactions with your B2B organization.

Are gaps in customer centric marketing costing you money?

Data reveals that it’s not simply a fuzzy nice-to-have to make customers happier. There is a very hard and real cost for CX that doesn’t deliver on customer expectations.

Providing Value Beyond the Transaction

Whether you’re selling in B2B, B2C, or some combination of both, it’s critical to view your digital customer experience as more than a tool for transactions and remember that in many cases, buying your product online might not solve the problem that drove them to your site.

SMITH's Top Nine Posts of 2018

As expected SMITH's 2018 was bigger and better than 2017. New employees, new ventures, with a singular focus: make buying and selling awesome. Now that we're in 2019, let's take a look back at our most popular posts from last year.

The Inner Workings of Future Commerce at B2B Next

From the great speakers to the collaborative workshops, SMITH had an incredible experience at the B2B Next conference. We demonstrated how to leverage emerging digital technologies like AI, augmented reality, and virtual reality to tackle some of the age of old problems facing B2B industries.

The Uberization of B2B: Disrupting Markets Through Outcomes On-Demand

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who wouldn’t want their business to become the next “Uber for” their business category, and investors are lining up to fund all sorts of experiments around firms that similarly innovate in the orchestration of value.

Millennials are dramatically changing the B2B buying experience – are you ready for them?

Millennials grew up digital, and that has shaped a very different view of commerce than other generations. These B2B buyers are accustomed to global, self-service models presented in the B2C world and expect to find information and be able to purchase anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

The Industrial Internet of Things: Let's Talk IIoT

The Industrial Internet of Things: Let's Talk IIoT

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