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Does It Matter How You Define Loyalty?

Every client I speak with says they want to drive customer loyalty, but very few can actually tell me who their loyal customer is.  They will respond to my question by painting this picture of a persona their marketing or brand strategy team dreamed up.  Somewhere in their explanation, they will...

The Uberization of B2B: Disrupting Markets Through Outcomes On-Demand

Part of a series inspired by SMITH’s Guide to: Commerce for Manufacturers.

Millennials are dramatically changing the B2B buying experience – are you ready for them?

In “Your Buyers are Ready for Ecommerce, Are You?” blog post we talked about the changing expectations of today’s B2B buyer. In this blog post, we explore that buyer with the introduction of a new decision maker – the millennial.

Your B2B Buyers are ready for eCommerce, are you?

B2C commerce experiences have shaped how we research and purchase products and services. With today’s B2B buyers demanding the same levels of customization, convenience, and accessibility provided by these B2C solutions, manufacturers are looking at how to digitally transform their businesses to...

Augmented Manufacturing: The Big Six HoloLens Use Cases for Manufacturers

With the release of ARCore and ARKit putting more augmented reality content in consumers hands, the media buzz around augmented reality is continuing to increase. On the whole, the AR/VR market is expected to be worth approximately $4.7 billion by 2025, but the large numbers frequently thrown...

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