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Why Is It The Year of the Customer?

This year, there has been a trend in the content that we've created: Customers. Reason being? Well, we consider 2019 to be the year of the customer.

Conversational Commerce: Self-Service Support

Self-service customer support chat and conversational Q&A recommendation systems offer B2B businesses an affordable way to provide 24x7 always-on help and easy access to information across a variety of digital channels.

The Next Evolution of Omnichannel Experience is Conversational Commerce

Commerce is at a point of inflection. The proliferation of channels and increasing adoption of digital engagement has challenged the traditional customer journey. Experiences are designed for the channel, not the customer, and journeys are still thought of as a linear progression.

Conversation Still Exists in Commerce

The most important conversation your customer has with your brand in the coming years might be with a computer. About 27% of customers were unsure whether their last customer service interaction was with a bot or a human, and 40% didn't care who answered their query as long as it was resolved.

Caffeinated Commerce - Ep 1: Alexa In An Episerver Storefront

Caffeinated Commerce - Ep 1: Alexa In An Episerver Storefront

Getting Started with Watson Analytics

Getting Started with Watson Analytics

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