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Conversational Commerce: Self-Service Support

Once upon a time, all commerce transactions were conducted either in person or over the phone. Either way, both parties were required to have direct conversation before any exchange took place. Fast forward to today, technological advances make it possible to conduct business without ever having...

The Next Evolution of Omnichannel Experience is Conversational Commerce

Commerce is at a point of inflection. The proliferation of channels and increasing adoption of digital engagement has challenged the traditional customer journey. Experiences are designed for the channel, not the customer, and journeys are still thought of as a linear progression. However,...

Conversation Still Exists in Commerce

Remember when commerce took place as a literal conversation between buyer and seller?

Caffeinated Commerce - Ep 1: Alexa In An Episerver Storefront

Episerver’s 2017 Ascend North America Conference has just wrapped up, so there’s finally time for a breather and to share with everyone what SMITH created as a demonstration.

Getting Started with Watson Analytics

Watson Analytics is an effort by IBM to bring Watson’s cognitive capabilities to analytics. In a nutshell, it exposes Tableau-like functionality for data, but in the cloud with IBM Watson in the backend.

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