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Grammar Snack #26: Word or Not a Word? Pt. 2

Last time, we explored the exciting world of invented words, or neologisms—specifically the neologisms coined by America’s founding fathers. This time, we continue with the theme of new word inventions with a second installment of the hit Grammar Snack game, “Word or Not a Word?”

Grammar Snack #25: Executive (Word) Power

When I originally sat down to type this post, I intended to write a second installment of “Word or Not a Word?”

Grammar Snack #24: Make It So

And-but-or-nor-for-yet-so! And-but-or-nor-for-yet-so! And-but-or-nor-for-yet-so!

Grammar Snack #23: Shed Weight … From Your Writing

As we put a wrinkly old 2015 to rest and welcome a baby-fresh 2016, many of us are embracing a fresh start, taking stock of our lives, and making resolutions. Among the things we resolve to change is our physical state.


Pablo Picasso famously said, “Know the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” And he couldn’t have been more right.

Grammar Snack #21: To whom or not to whom?

When was the last time you found yourself getting hung up on using who or whom in a sentence?


It’s mixed nuts day here at Grammar Snacks, which means today’s post features a tasty assortment of mixed-up words, helpful tips, and an annoying phrase to avoid.

Grammar Snack #19: Proof Like A Pro

Have you noticed how seemingly careless people have gotten with their writing?

Grammar Snack #18: Word Or Not A Word?

In this installment of Grammar Snacks, we’re going to play a fun and educational game called “Word or Not a Word?”

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