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A Millennial View on Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

A millennial point of view on the state of ecommerce and digital transformation in the manufacturing industry. There is potential for manufacturers to utilize the rapidly changing technology to their advantage.

We are all shackled to Legacy Mountain

“If CIOs are shackled to ‘Legacy Mountain,’ how on earth can they lead digital transformation efforts?” Time To Move The Digital Transformation Focus Off The CIO And On To The CEO And Board

SAP Hybris for Manufacturers: Exploring Commerce Platform Implementation

SAP Hybris (SAP C/4HANA) is a customer experience platforms available for B2B commerce, particularly for manufacturers as they explore commerce platform implementation. Exploring commerce platform implementation includes digital transformation and being ready to dive into the tools of Industry 4.0.

Your B2B Buyers are ready for eCommerce, are you?

B2B buyers expect the same customization, convenience and accessibility as B2C commerce platforms. Many B2C best practices can be used to enhance the B2B experience and guide manufacturers’ digital transformation. Here are some topics and tools, like SAP Customer Experience, to consider.

Introducing SMITH’s Guide to: Commerce for Manufacturers

Most manufacturers lack an ecommerce site, choosing instead to focus on innovation at the traditional core by improving operations with the tools of Industry 4.0.

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