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A Millennial View on Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Just because we've moved past the (1st, 2nd, 3rd) industrial revolution doesn't mean manufacturing isn't just as important, especially when it comes to making sure that products and services are understood with a new generation of people. 

We are all shackled to Legacy Mountain

Time to move the digital transformation focus off the CIO and on to the CEO and Board   If you had told me in Q4 2016 that not much transformation progress would be made by Q4 2018, I would have been shocked. There is so much great advice in the market.  And a few fairly public successes.

SAP Hybris for Manufacturers: Exploring Commerce Platform Implementation

SAP Hybris, recently rebranded as SAP C/4HANA, is one of the most powerful customer experience platforms available for B2B commerce, particularly for manufacturers as they explore commerce platform implementation for increased self-service and more integrated customer management.

Your B2B Buyers are ready for eCommerce, are you?

B2C commerce experiences have shaped how we research and purchase products and services. With today’s B2B buyers demanding the same levels of customization, convenience, and accessibility provided by these B2C solutions, manufacturers are looking at how to digitally transform their businesses to...

Introducing SMITH’s Guide to: Commerce for Manufacturers

Most Manufacturers are leaving money on the table. are you?   As manufacturing industries across the board attempt to transform themselves for success in a rapidly changing marketplace, some organizations are struggling to adapt while at the same time, new competitors are entering the market...

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