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The Move to Marketplace: Where Manufacturing is Headed

Expectations of B2B organizations’ customers is ever changing, and always increasing. Meanwhile, manufacturers are looking at ways to gain customer data and increase overall direct engagement through improved customer experience and deeper relationships with their buyers.

Introducing SMITH’s Guide to: Commerce for Manufacturers

Most Manufacturers are leaving money on the table. are you?   As manufacturing industries across the board attempt to transform themselves for success in a rapidly changing marketplace, some organizations are struggling to adapt while at the same time, new competitors are entering the market...

Augmented Manufacturing: The Big Six HoloLens Use Cases for Manufacturers

With the release of ARCore and ARKit putting more augmented reality content in consumers hands, the media buzz around augmented reality is continuing to increase. On the whole, the AR/VR market is expected to be worth approximately $4.7 billion by 2025, but the large numbers frequently thrown...

The Industrial Internet of Things: Let's Talk IIoT

As B2B ecommerce continues to change the way brands, manufacturers in particular, transact and maintain their customer relationships, two leaps remain in front of them. The first is re-contextualizing their relationship with their end customer. According to Forrester, about 50% of manufacturers...

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